Time to do a Little Cleaning and Counting!

It’s the end of another successful year which can only mean one thing- inventory time!!!

Everyone is hard at work just like always, but instead of remanufacturing world-class starters, alternators, and generators this week we’re busy with the inventory process and general cleaning of the SRC Electrical facility.

We’re keeping the energy high with what else- FOOD! We’re doing breakfast right with a large assortment of bagels from Panera Bread, yogurt, granola bars, fruit, with milk and orange juice to wash it all down. It doesn’t stop with breakfast- rumor has it there is BBQ and pizza in the future too!








By the time the week is over, SRC Electrical will be clean top to bottom and ready to get back to business as usual!

A big “thank you” to everyone for all their hard work!

Inventory2013-3 Inventory2013-4Inventory2013-2

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