SRC Electrical Presented with the Spotlight Award Traveling Trophy

2013 Spotlight Trophy
SRC Electrical was recently presented with the Spotlight Award traveling trophy by our corporate office. At the end of each year this trophy is awarded to the division that had the most individual Spotlight Award recipients.

Over the course of a year, each division recognizes those employees whose efforts have resulted in increased efficiency and/or cost savings.

In 2013, SRC Electrical had 5 Spotlight Award recipients:
Jason Shepperly – Cost Savings
James Hake – Setup of John Deere shipping from SRC Logistics
Bryan Layton – Setup of John Deere shipping from SRC Logistics
Eric Lundgren – Crisis Aversion
Ron Sunderland – Cost Savings

The efforts of these individuals illustrate their dedication to continually improve SRC Electrical operations. Congratulations!

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