JIMCO Test Stand


There are some good solid reasons for having the capability to accurately test starters, alternators, generators and batteries in your business. Not only can this service become a profit center, it can save money by verifying warranty returns and confirming that products going out the door are indeed of the highest quality.


 This bench-top model offers a low cost option enabling you to become known as the electrical expert in your area!

This model has a 6, 12 and 24 volt operation. This model has a powerful single speed 5 HP, 220 volt single phase motor. It fully load tests batteries to 1000 cca ratings, alternators and generators to 165 amps (12volt), intermittently to 190 amps and spin tests starters.

With the compact size of 24” wide x 22” high X 36” deep, it is a true fit for parts & service shops!

    • Create walk-in business-don’t send business to the competition
    • Certify product before leaving the dealership
    • Confirm warranty issues

For more information on purchasing the JIMCO Test Stand for your business please contact Jeff Rowland in the Sales & Marketing Department.

Here are a few Training Videos for the JIMCO Test Stand


How to Test a Starter 


How to Test an Alternator 


How to test a Generator 


How to perform a Battery Load Test