SRC Electrical disassembles every core component as it is received into our remanufacturing plant.

 SRC Electrical also remanufactures all our starter drives; we do not simply reuse a drive without dissembling it to replace rollers, springs, pinions, and friction material. All the drives are heavy duty versus automotive grade and can stand up to cold and hot environments with special grease that will not freeze or ruin.

Most solenoids are replaced 100%. Used contact points can cause “click-click-no start” issues and reduced customer satisfaction. New solenoids with new contacts can make the difference between trucking down the field instead of trucking back to store for new starter.

Armatures must pass several electrical and dimensional criteria. Some armatures from overseas sources do not have proper metallurgy to support high magnetic potential needed for original equipment manufacturer torque and power and should not be remanufactured.

Why SRC Electrical Starters?

  • We replace all inferior components with new components
  • We Use 21st century technology as opposed to 20th century original design
  • We remove all the torn wrappings and apply new insulation followed by a varnish bath
  • We test all field coils for ground faults at high voltage to ensure proper operation
  • All field coils that fail to meet our rigorous testing procedures are replaced with new core