SRC Electrical addresses the critical aspects of alternator remanufacturing by incorporating only the highest quality core components.

SRC Electrical uses 21st century technology in replacement parts. Voltage regulators and rectifiers stand up to higher heat and output expectations of newer engine platforms.

Clean battery, ground and voltage regulator connections are critical alternator performance enablers. Corroded connections increase electrical resistance and will reduce the life of an alternator. Care should be taken for preventive maintenance of electrical connections and blowing dirt/debris from alternator to help your remanufactured alternator achieve its full potential.

Why SRC Electrical Alternators?

  • Most alternator electronic component parts are NEW.
  • We have highly trained technicians who are specialists of remanufacturing.
  • Elements including: Routing of wire, applying quality insulation, ensuring accurate electrical connections, proper fastener torque, and accurate assembly.
  • All final testing performance meets the specifications of the original equipment manufacturer.