Egg Hunt & Spaghetti Luncheon

Over 200 eggs were hidden around the plant last night for employees to find when they got to work this morning! Ten of those eggs had golden tickets inside; the others had an assortment of candies. Each ticket had a number that corresponded to the prize won including gift cards to Subway, Which Wich, Starbucks, Wal-Mart and cash. “We had a lot of fun hiding the eggs in places where we thought would be challenging for employees to find!” said Scott Quigg, HR Manager and Activities Committee member for SRC Electrical.  

Some were hidden so well that during large staff today, there were still 2 golden ticket eggs that had not been claimed. “I was handing out the prizes at the end of staff and once we realized that there were still a couple missing, the employees went out to the plant for a search!” said Emily Laurie, Sales and Marketing Specialist and Activities Committee member.  

Lou Mustari, Quality Manager, and his quality team reached a Quality Milestone and celebrated by bringing in salad, breadsticks and fixed homemade spaghetti (sauce and all,) for all employees!

Thank you everyone for your hard work and dedication to SRC Electrical! Keep it up!

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