December’s Safety Topic: Lockout/Tagout

Pitter Patter and Jingle Bell noises filled the facility at SRC Electrical yesterday, and it’s wasn’t Santa Clause and his reindeer…it was the Activities Committee! Musette Baird, Safety Coordinator stated, “The activities are always geared towards safety topics that generate awareness while having fun.  The safety topic for this month is (LOTO)Lockout/Tagout and what better way to generate awareness than with prizes for everyone?!”

The game consisted of a rolling cart with a box full of prizes with a board game attached. Each person had to match a lock with the corresponding tag.  If you match the machines (answers on the back of the tags,) you win a prize. However, everyone was acknowledged as a winner and got to dig in the box for a prize.

Kim Deaver, Safety Activities Chairman said, “Many of the prizes were kid’s toys! We know that even adults are children at heart and especially around the holidays!”

Ashley Johnson, Staff Accountant, played the game and won a calculator. “It’s definitely fitting for me to win that prize! You can never have too many,” said Johnson.

Erin Wibbenmeyer, Human Resource Generalist at SRC Logistics, will be joining SRC Electrical’s team as their newest hire to fulfill Musette Baird’s role as Safety Coordinator. Musette will be heading to one of our sister companies, CNH Reman. Wibbenmeyer stated, “I’m so excited to see the energy at Electrical and ready to dive in as the new Safety Coordinator. I look forward to working with the employees here and have been very welcomed during my training at SRC Electrical.”

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