Chili Cook-Off & Halloween Festivities

When it comes to Halloween, this month’s activity at SRC Electrical went beyond costumes and spooky décor. Each October, SRC Electrical has a chili cook-off, pumpkin dessert, costume and pumpkin carving contest…which makes for the perfect excuse for employees to conger up outrageous costumes and homemade crock potted chili! 

Erin Wibbenmeyer, Safety Coordinator and member of the Activities Committee stated, “Today’s Chili cook-off has a special safety twist. In order for an employee’s chili to be judged, they have to fill out a Material Safety Data Sheet. This sheet is based off of the MSDS’s that we receive for any chemicals that enter our facility, but will be specific to each chili entered into the contest. The employee with the most creative MSDS will win a prize.”

Employees had to identify a Product Name, list out the ingredients used, rate the hazards of their chili using the HMIS scale (Health, Flammability, Reactivity, and PPE needed) and describe any First Aid measures for overexposure to their chili (heartburn, upset stomach, excessive gas .)

The winners of this year’s contest were as follows:

Chili winners:

1st place—Phil Lueckenotto (Awarded  the coveted “Chili Pot Trophy” and bragging rights for the sixth year in a row.)

2nd place—Billy Jones

3rd place—Jim Deaver

Hottest Chili—Jeff Rowland

Most Creative MSDS—Keerthi Gade and Kim Deaver

Pumpkin Dessert Contest:

1st place—Erin Wibbenmeyer

2nd place—Kim Deaver

3rd place—Ashley Johnson

 Costume Contest:

1st place – Jim Deaver as the Mad Hatter

2nd place – Kyle Keith as Wolverine

3rd place – Scott Quigg as Mr. Potato Head

Pumpkin Carvin’ Contest:

1st place – Mike Anderson

The Drawing for bringing the extras:

Sonny O’Gara

Thanks to everyone that helped out or participated! Until next year…Have a Safe and Spooktacular October 31st!!!


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