Back To Basics

Starting out the New Year, the SRC Electrical Safety Committee wanted to remind all employees of some basic safety tips they may have forgotten such as:

  1. Keep your work place area clean and orderly. Keep your equipment clean and properly stored. Dispose of waste properly and keep your work area free of items not being used.
  2. Avoid back injuries—lift heavy objects by bending your knees and keeping your back straight. DO NOT LIFT ANYTHING OVER 50 LBS. WITHOUT ASSISTANCE.
  3. Remember to wear the correct PPE. The common PPE in our facility includes: Safety glasses, Steel toe shoes, Face shields, Nitrile gloves, and ear plugs. All PPE must be approved by your supervisor.

The Safety Committee or better known as the “Safety Squad” marched throughout the facility chanting a four verse safety drill and passed out Mardi gras beads with safety tips on them.

“We had a lot of fun coming up with the chant and everyone in the office seemed to have a good time as they listened,” said Erin Wibbenmeyer, Safety Activities Committee Member.

 Have a Safe 2011!!




Chant lyrics:

Back to basics here we come,

On the floor we walk, not run.

Keep things tidy, keep things clean,

Or Jim Cody will get mean.

When you lift things bend your knees,

You’ll avoid back injuries.

Steel-toed shoes and safety glasses,

Wear these or we’ll kick your…Butt.

Back TO…



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2 Responses to "Back To Basics"

  1. Kathy Choate says:

    I love it! Keep up the good work Electrical – you are my hero!

  2. Frank says:

    Wow! Who would think safety could be so much fun!

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