SRCE Annual Halloween Bash

SRC Electrical celebrates their annual Halloween Bash presented by the Activities and Safety Committees with good eats and good treats engaging all Employee Owners!

Best Chili, Best Costume, Best Dessert, and Best MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) were the competitions and a huge hit with many excited participants this year! “We had twice as many participants this year than in 2009. I think the increase of 33 new employees since last year made a difference in firing people up as well as more people competing!” said Musette Baird, Safety Coordinator.

Phil Lueckenotto, Engineering Manager and winner of the Best Chili for the fifth time in ten years was shocked how many people he was up against for this year’s competition. He stated, “I have to say…I was a little nervous walking in and seeing all the crock pot’s!”

Other winners included, Sarah Barton for Best Costume, Kim Deaver for Best Dessert, and Lisa Lagunas for Best MSDS. 

The safety and activities committees teamed up for a dual party bringing safety importance into the loop alongside helping people remember it during the contest activities!

 Tim Baltes, HR Manager and Activities Committee Coordinator stated, “It was a well received event where everyone got to relax and have a good time with lots of fun!”

There was even a sighting of Michael Myers on the plant floor as the sound of “Halloween” echoed throughout the hallways…

Until next year…Have a Safe, Spooktacular October 31st!!!

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