2014 “Critical Number” Achieved! The Race to Reman 50-Part Challenge Has Been Conquered!

A little over a year ago we set a pretty ambitious goal for 2014 that became our “Critical Number” for the year. We wanted to put more hours in the shop and one way to do that was to convert a specific group of parts over to a true re-manufactured part. Everyone put their heads together and came up with “The Number”, 50.

It would be more parts than had ever been converted to REMAN in a single year, but we met the challenge head-on and made it happen!

We started with an empty race track and quarter by quarter added cars representing the parts that were converted. By the end of the year it looked like this!

Congratulations to everyone involved- from the front office to everyone on the shop floor in this year-long challenge! Your hard work and determination made it happen!


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