“Money Never Sleeps”

SRC Electrical just completed the second phase of an emphasis to teach financial literacy to all employees. 

This phase was driven by a mini-game that focused on ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Program) shares and the stock price announced in August.  The game was a rousing success which culminated in the awarding of multiple prizes such as flat screen TV, IPAD, E-Readers, IPOD and gift cards to name a few. 

As employees progressed through the game, they could earn “shares” for passing exams, giving presentations, attending shareholder meetings, submitting efficiency suggestions etc.  The “shares” they earned were then redeemed for a chance in a drawing for one of the prizes.  If they had enough “shares”, they could enter the drawings multiple times. There was also a team prize for the team that earned the most “shares”.  Everyone had fun and more importantly, they learned about how small investments in time and energy pay off in the long run. 

There will be a new game starting soon and it will cover a new component toward financial literacy with the ultimate goal of achieving “CEO” (Certified Employee Owner) status.

2 Responses to "“Money Never Sleeps”"

  1. Philip Lueckenotto says:

    Winner winner chicken dinner! er, uh, i mean blu ray player!!

  2. Rob Kelsey says:

    Who are these people? Haha Congrats!

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